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7 HR Trends That Are Shaping Up The Rest of 2022

It is inevitable that technology has seeped its way into multiple departments across industries in the last few years. The Human Resource industry has been exploring the multiple opportunities in the last year. Trends like digitalisation, HR outsourcing trends and everything that the hybrid work culture has to offer. 

With the power of AI and advanced technology, it seems like convenience and productivity can go hand in hand. So here are 7 HR trends, including HR outsourcing, that you should definitely keep up with throughout 2022:

1. Mastering The Art of Digitalisation

HR trends about Mastering The Art of Digitalisation

There are a variety of digital workforce management solutions currently available in the market. Thanks to AI-based data analysis. People now get to consolidate and manage all their HR tasks one one cloud-based platform. From administrative duties, talent management and payroll management to time and attendance. 

This integrated digital ecosystem facilitates real-time communication. Besides, it also emphasizes equal policy enforcement across teams and branches, keeping employee satisfaction at an all-time high.

2. Practicing Hybrid Work Culture

A hybrid, more collaborative work environment has definitely been most companies’ go-to in the recent years. The global lockdown has limited many employees’ access and mobility. So, businesses have found themselves bending some rules to adapt to these ever changing times. 


For instance, start-ups don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets by investing in a location that will accommodate all of their staff at once. With the ongoing hybrid work culture, business owners can get employees to come in on a rotational shift basis or even prioritise the attendance list based on deliverables.

3. Leveraging Talent With Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

By providing equal employment opportunities, you screen potential candidates based on qualities that truly matter. Factors ethnicity, gender and religious beliefs should not influence your recruiting process. 

On top of that, for as long as the candidate ticks off key requirements and has the ability to diligently meet company policies and guidelines while contributing to the productivity of the business, factors like disability or geographical location shouldn’t really get in the way. 

4. Compensating Mental Health & Burn Out

With many people experiencing loss in recent years, compassionate and mental health leave days have been normalised. Companies have been extra empathetic towards employees in hopes that they recover and come back stronger. Plus, digitalisation and HR outsourcing trends have made approving/rejecting leave requests much easier. For the more introverted employee, every task request is just a click away! 

5. Outsourcing HR Tasks

Hiring and building an in-house team of HR experts is time-consuming and will possibly tax you mentally and financially. In contrast, when you opt for HR outsourcing, HR experts generally contribute to higher levels of productivity, besides ensuring efficient workflow dynamics.

Instead of dealing with prolonging learning curves of one in-house HR Manager, one of the best trends to keep up with would be HR outsourcing. Outsource and team up with an external board of HR personnels so they can solely focus their expertise on HR tasks like Legal Compliance, HR Technology, Payroll, Claims and other benefits. This way, you achieve productivity levels that you would barely come across in a single hire.

6. Reskilling & Upskilling


Upskilling essentially means to teach employees newer soft skills for enhanced performance, whereas reskilling is when employers send employees for training before promoting them to a higher, more responsible role.

Although this isn’t really a HR trend or a HR outsourcing trend, reskilling and upskilling will definitely do your business good. Existing employees are familiar with the way things work around the office. This can potentially minimise the learning curve period that is expected with new employees.

7. Hiring Qualified Payroll Managers

Part of the HR outsourcing trend, with payroll outsourcing, the heavy lift moved to the solutions provider and you get a team of experts supervising and executing your payroll. A well-trained team of payroll managers are known to be extremely meticulous and diligent in their craft. Meaning you will be assured to expect zero calculation errors. You can also very well look forward to your employees’ timely salary payments.

Another benefit to outsourcing your payroll management would be  avoiding any kind of potential legal ramifications that could result in penalties. It will also save you from all kinds of damaged employee-employer relationship.

Who would have thought that the two years of global lockdown would catalyse higher levels of efficiency and collaborativeness in most if not all work ecosystems?

Besides the trends mentioned, many businesses are encouraged to not just keep up, but possibly be ahead of the HR outsourcing trends that are on the rise. That way, it will be much easier to transition and adapt when change comes knocking on their doors.


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