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Benefits of A Human Resource Management System – 5 Must-Have PeopleX Features!

The benefits of a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is just a couple clicks away but HR managers are still constantly working around the clock to cater to every employee’s needs. We often overlook the fact that the Human Resource Management sector can be taxing for various reasons. From traditional, routine-based tasks to paper-filled documentations, will a Human Resource Management System really help maximise productivity in an organisation?

Well, continuously living up to the promise of a comfortable and conducive work environment can be draining. On top of a bunch of piled up paperwork and repeated administrative tasks to handle, every HR could use the assistance of a Human Resource Management System.

This is where the benefits of a Human Resource Management System comes in handy. A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) will help HR managers address, narrow down and automate trivial, time-consuming affairs.

There are many benefits of a Human Resource Management System to an organisation. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the organisation is. From automating tedious, traditional tasks to getting an overview of employee attendance in real-time, here’s 5 of PeopleX’s must-have HRMS features which will help you maximise productivity for your very own business:

1. Unlimited Workflows

Messy, tangled e-mail threads can’t prevent you and your people from performing your best anymore! With PeopleX’s Unlimited Workflows feature, you get to approve every employee’s task request and keep track of the request’s status in real-time. This feature ensures a seamless online approval process where employers and employees get to communicate, plan and finalise their respective workflows on one platform.

2. Task Management

With PeopleX’s Task Management feature, HR managers get to accurately track and even pre-approve employees’ task requests. Tasks like business trips, time off or work from home can be requested via the PeopleX app. This feature indirectly empowers your the people at work to take action, raise requests and get official approvals — cultivating faster, more confident decision-making personalities.

3. E-Claims

Gone are the days wherevpeople hogged on to bills and receipts throughout the month, just to submit in their claims at HR! You can now let employees immediately submit their claims through E-Claims!

This feature will require employees to scan receipts, submit claims and browse through existing claims immediately. On the opposite end, HR will have quick access to timely updates in regards to expenditure across the organisation.

4. Shift, Overtime & Attendance Management

What if we told you that you could get access to your people’s work hour preferences and availability? This means you get to accept and reject requests at your own convenience. Who would have thought that it would be possible to build teams based on task request stasuses in real-time?

With the Shift Management, Overtime Management and Attendance Management features, HR gets an overview of remaining leaves and leave application history across teams, departments and branches. This helps HR customise leave types – paid, unpaid, replacements etc.

As you get an overview of employee attendance and daily working hours in real-time and monitor their respective patterns and work style, you will work your way around giving your people the power to better manage their workload across projects and departments.

5. Payroll Management

The many benefits of a human resource management system includes Payroll Management, which is definitely a personal favourite. The Payroll Management feature allows employees to submit time-off requests, exchange work shifts, and also update their personal contact information. It brings you the peace of mind you need to grow your people and your business!

To wrap things up, here’s an honourable mention to the process of onboarding employees with a HRMS. HRMS World‘s Three Ways Your HRMS Can Help New Employees Settle In states that helping new employees to settle in can be done in a variety of ways. Ranging from training sessions, mentor relationships and manager checkpoints to more system-focused ones. It is important to use a variety of means to reach your employees, and your HRMS provides an excellent foundation through which to train and connect new hires.

The most valuable resource in your company is the people who work there. That’s exactly why it makes good business sense to look after your employees and help them work at their best.

“Look after your people and they will look after your customers.

It’s that simple”

Richard Branson


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To ensure that everything is working optimally for you, we will perform a one-time setup process that will configure PeopleX HR Tech to your specific requirements such as :

  • Account creation for your company and setting up the company profile, branch, department and etc
  •  Creation of employee profiles, including personal information, job title, employment status, and other relevant details.
  • Setting up the working calendar
  • Setting up the time and attendance policies
  • Understand and setup your leave policy
  • Understand and setup your claim policy
  • Understand and creation of workflow to automate the approval processes
  • Data migration for your leave & claim usage
  • Setting up user accounts and assigning roles and permissions to ensure data security.
Note :
While the setup scope may vary depending on the specific needs of the organization, it’s worth noting that other setup tasks not mentioned here may also be included as long as they can be accommodated within the existing system and do not require customization.