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Malaysia's Digital Future collaboration between PeopleX and AD365 Holding Sdn Bhd

4 Power Progress: Exciting Announcement for Malaysia’s Digital Future!

On this momentous day, January 31, 2024, we are thrilled to share a significant milestone in our journey towards digital innovation and economic growth. Today, we proudly announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Malaysia Digital Hub exploration, a groundbreaking initiative that promises to shape the future of our nation’s economy.

Hand shake after signing the MOU for Malaysia Digital Hub.

Partnerships that Power Progress:

We are honored to collaborate with distinguished partners in this endeavor:

AD365 Holding Sdn Bhd: Digital Hub Solution Provider
Syntrinos Solution Sdn Bhd: Technology Enabler
PeopleX HR Tech Sdn Bhd: Digital HR Expertise
Swif Fintech Sdn Bhd: Payment Gateway Provider

Malaysia Digital Hub Project Overview:

This initiative is strategically designed to propel the Malaysian economy to new heights, with the potential to significantly increase the country’s GDP. The collaboration brings together the collective expertise of each stakeholder, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach.

AD365 Holding Sdn Bhd: Connecting merchants and consumers digitally, AD365 Holding’s Digital Hub solution promises to create a thriving ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries.

Syntrinos Solution Sdn Bhd: As the technology enabler, Syntrinos will provide a robust supply chain management system, empowering the project to handle large-scale business transactions digitally and seamlessly.

PeopleX HR Tech Sdn Bhd: Recognizing the importance of human capital, PeopleX will digitally and intelligently manage thousands of job opportunities, contributing to the project’s overall success and growth.

Swif Fintech Sdn Bhd: Facilitating the monetary transactions integral to any thriving economy, Swif Fintech will serve as the payment gateway provider, utilizing emerging technologies for an end-to-end payment journey.

A Vision for the Future:

With this formidable collaboration, we are confident that Malaysia will witness an economic transformation, positioning itself as a global leader. The amalgamation of technology, connectivity, human resource management, and seamless financial transactions is poised to elevate Malaysia to unprecedented heights.

Global Economic Influence:

Our shared vision goes beyond borders, as we strive not only to enhance the local economy but also to strengthen Malaysia’s position on the global economic stage. Together, we are committed to driving progress and making a lasting impact.

Join Us on this Journey:

We invite all stakeholders, partners, and supporters to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we will pioneer innovation, create opportunities, and shape a brighter, more prosperous future for Malaysia.

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PeopleX Logo - Full Colour

To ensure that everything is working optimally for you, we will perform a one-time setup process that will configure PeopleX HR Tech to your specific requirements such as :

  • Account creation for your company and setting up the company profile, branch, department and etc
  •  Creation of employee profiles, including personal information, job title, employment status, and other relevant details.
  • Setting up the working calendar
  • Setting up the time and attendance policies
  • Understand and setup your leave policy
  • Understand and setup your claim policy
  • Understand and creation of workflow to automate the approval processes
  • Data migration for your leave & claim usage
  • Setting up user accounts and assigning roles and permissions to ensure data security.
Note :
While the setup scope may vary depending on the specific needs of the organization, it’s worth noting that other setup tasks not mentioned here may also be included as long as they can be accommodated within the existing system and do not require customization.